Spring 2023 Professional Enrichment Courses

Students can choose to take up to 3 credits of HONS Professional Enrichment courses to be applied towards their HONS credit requirement.

HONS 101-01 Foundations in Engaged Scholar-Citizenship

This is a one-credit asynchronous course designed for first-year Honors students to receive credit for their work through Honors Engaged. First year students should enroll themselves for the course once registration opens.

A course that guides first-year students in the Honors College as they seek to address current social issues in the surrounding community. This 1-credit service-learning course provides the framework for extended engagement with a community organization or civic office established during the fall semester. Students will deepen their engagement through readings and reflective writing.

Prerequisite(s): HONS 100, restricted to students in their first year in the Honors College

HONS 102-01 Exploring Ideas in Community: Animal Research Training
Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Craig, DVM
W 12:15 – 1:45 p.m. (Express II course: March 15 – April 26)

**This course requires permission of instructor to enroll; students who are interested in the course can sign up here to request a spot in the class.

The purpose of this one-credit course is to expose individuals to the world of collaborative research between College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina. The student will be introduced to the rules and regulations regarding pre-clinical (computer, cells, animal research) and clinical research. There will be discussions about ethics, authorship, and research conduct as well as recordkeeping. The benefit of this course is to allow the student to understand the expectations of research and be prepared for the laboratory environment.

Non-Honors equivalence: Students can receive credit for BIOL 399 or PSYC 497 for this course