Spring 2020 Professional Enrichment Courses

HONS 301 Principles of Leadership (Professor Lee Higdon)

(2-credit course)
In this course, students will read and discuss scholarly and professional literature on effective leadership to help them understand its application in their professional and personal lives. Students will develop the tools and capacities to be effective leaders by becoming more self-aware and more conscious of others and their environment. Each student will complete guided personal reflections that integrate theory into an analysis of their own potential.

Note: Students must have permission of Dean Folds-Bennett to enroll in the class. Anyone interested should contact Honors@cofc.edu to request permission.

Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing; Completion of 15 HONS credits (excluding HONS 115, HONS 216 and HONS 217) and permission of the Honors College.

*course offerings subject to change