How to Ask for Referrals or Letters of Recommendation

November 15, 2010

From Tracey’s Angle,

Letters of recommendation and referrals can be crucial components of any sort of application. This is why asking the right person to write it, and asking them properly is extremely important. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your recommender…

First, ask , who knows you well?

  • Professor
  • Mentor
  • Supervisor/Manager
  • Close friend

Next, consider which of these people would be willing to write your letter. After you’ve decided who you want to write your letter of recommendation or referral, it’s time to ask him or her to write it. Consider the following before you ask for this favor.

  • Don’t ask, “Can you write a letter?” instead ask “Do you feel like you could be able to write a letter of recommendation for my…”
  • Give him or her ample amount of time to complete the letter or referral by its due date. When it comes to a task like this, rushing to get it done can be detrimental to the quality.
  • Make sure to let the recommender know who they are addressing the letter to, and what opportunity you are seeking.
  • Be sure to give him or her basic information about you. You wouldn’t want them to write something in your letter that isn’t true.
  • It is okay to take no for an answer. If he or she does not want to write your letter, they don’t have to. Remember, they’re doing you a favor.

A good recommendation letter or referral all depends on the relationship between you and whom you choose to write it. Be careful with your decision, and it should turn out well!

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