About Us

July 2nd, 2007

The mission of Career Services is to educate, develop and assist students in successfully meeting the challenges of the ever-changing work environment for which they are preparing. This mission is accomplished through a centralized and comprehensive career center serving the entire campus and meeting the career needs of all students from entering freshmen through alumni. The career needs of the College of Charleston are best conceptualized by a developmental model as follows:

  1. Learning about oneself to assess personal needs, skills, abilities, interests, values and goals related to career choice.
  2. Learning about the world of work, occupations and the opportunities within. Exploring the demands and rewards of the occupations, options for training and advancement, and the job market outlook.
  3. Gaining experience in career fields of interest to enhance employment potential through internships, cooperative education, volunteer work and /or other related opportunities.
  4. Implementing a career decision by acquiring job seeking skills and competing in the job market.

Programs and services are designed to complement and enhance the academic mission of the College.
Students who have made well informed career decisions and who are motivated toward a career goal obtain greater benefits from their academic programs and are more likely to complete their education. Students who obtain career related experience while in college further define their professional goals and enhance their marketability to employers upon graduation. Finally, graduates who are well prepared for the transition from education to the work environment will have greater choices of future opportunities.

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