Tips on How to Find and Survive Holiday Jobs

December 21, 2009

From Making Extra Cash During Holidays Means Paying Attention to Details

Applying to Jobs Online? 3 Mistakes to Avoid!

December 21, 2009

From NewGradLife: Job hunting online seems to be simple these days, just a few clicks and you have submitted your application – but what if we are doing something wrong when applying to jobs online? Using the Internet for a long time now, I can safely say that while trying to get a job online […]

ACT 2009 Occupational Opportunities Report

December 9, 2009

Perhaps more than ever, workplace skills are key to finding and retaining employment. If you’re considering a new occupation in the new year and want to explore some possibilities, check out the new “Occupational Opportunities” report issued by ACT, Inc. The eight-page report is available online, for free.

From temp gig to dream job

December 9, 2009

From CNN Money: For those on the hunt for a new job, temping may feel like a last resort. But some determined professionals are finding it’s a way to upgrade their careers.

Early 2010 jobs outlook: Holding steady

December 8, 2009

Article from CNNMoney on the 1st quarter hiring outlook for 2010.

Job market shows big improvement

December 7, 2009

An interesting article from CNN on the most recent news about the U.S. job market and unemployment rates for November.

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