Civilization: the game

Teaching and Learning using the game Civilization

Teaching with a video game: the case for Civilization Civilization is one of the most famous games of our time.  It is probably the most used off the shelf game in education.  First published in 1991, this historical and social simulation puts players in charge of a nation.  “Civ” play starts from ancient times, then advances through time to our present day and a little further into the future.

Firaxis Games:  Over the past several years, leading educators have begun a global discussion about the efficacy of using off-the-shelf consumer games to educate students. Teachers have found that some games in particular have a remarkable ability to keep students engaged and teach them at the same time.

The History of “Civilization” from Gamasutra: Few games are as addictively fun and as infinitely re-playable as Civilization, a turn-based historical strategy game where a player single-handedly guides the development of a civilization over the course of millennia, from the stone age to the space age. The game feels uncannily accurate, as if it actually represents the way the world could have unfolded if the course of history were nudged over just a bit. Civilization’s designer, Sid Meier, somehow distilled, condensed, and codified the rules of humanity’s post-agriculture development into a three-megabyte IBM PC computer game, with shockingly good results.

Apolyton Civilization Site: Formerly known as Apolyton University:  Probably largest single repository of Civilization related articles, downloads, information, and player aids in the Civilization universe.

Civilization MAIN SITE:  Access and information about all forms of the game Civilization

Civ V for Newbies:  Starting to play the game

Civilization V Beginners Guide



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