Tabletop Gaming

Though the  computer has allowed  gaming to go hyper-interactive, international, and hyper chrome, bells, and whistles engaging, the high tech of online gaming can not compete one on one with the high touch and face-time environment of a tabletop board or card game.  This is especially true if the tabletop game is of a high quality.  I’m not talking your grandfather’s Monopoly here.


Tabletop (with Wil Wheaton):  Tabletop is an internet show hosted by Wil Wheaton (Of STNG fame).  It is an excellent introduction to tabletop gaming.  For each episode Wil hosts celebrity guests from geekdom, television, and movies to his house to play a tabletop game.  Aside from the entertaining factor of watching well-known (and some not so well known behind the scenes) folks play a tabletop game, you actually learn the details of how to play the game.  Wheaton’s fun and great explaining ailities along with the show’s high production values do a great job of teaching the uninitiated how to play.  Not only does one learn the rules of how to play, but showing how much fun and engaging these things are is the real gold here.


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