GBL Initiatives

  • HP Catalyst Learning Collaborative: Game Design and Technology for STEM+
    National University has joined the “Multi-Versity” consortium to  explore novel ways to provide faculty and learners new game development learning opportunities in STEM+ areas. Tools and techniques developed through this grant will provide faculty with innovations in synchronous, semi-synchronous and asynchronous online teaching and learning opportunities with tools and processes that can be employed in STEM+ education.
  • Serious Games Institute
    The Serious Games Institute (SGI) is based in Coventry University’s Technology Park.  The Serious Games Institute is a global thought leader in smart spaces. We enable and facilitate the growth of serious games, virtual worlds and connected industry specialists by supporting research and development into the use and effects of these products, platforms and technologies.  The Institute provides a close interface between high-level applied academic research at Coventry University and leading edge technology companies in the field of game-based learning.

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