Not Just Another Game of Ping Pong

Most of us were introduced to this sport in someone’s garage, and while a few may have gotten good at it, it just remains a fun way to pass 30 or so minutes.  Make no mistake, table tennis is an international sport and attracts some amazing athletes.

Jordan Familant and Jared Miller, winners of the recent CRS tournament, enjoyed the privilege of playing a challenge for fun matchup with President Hsu and his wife, Dr. Chen.  The special event took place in the Silcox Gym on the Tuesday before everyone dashed off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The entire campus knows of the president’s penchant for this sport and a number of you no doubt wondered just how good is he.

I’ll let you decide, though he will humbly tell you that he is not the best in the family!

President Hsu punctuates this point with a smash.
Sign of the times? Empty gym and players wearing masks.

An offshoot from this event is that Jordan Familant is interested in starting a table tennis club.  Keep in mind that the tables are set up in the gym for drop-in play with paddles and balls available too.  Make a trip to the Johnson and Silcox Gyms for a little fun.  You never know when President Hsu may stop in again for a quick game.

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