CofC Running Club — Bridge Run Results

Congratulations go out to the members of the running club who took on the challenge to compete in this 40th running of the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k race.

Bridge Run Participants
Running club members pictured left to right are: Rachel Housel, Megan Shea, Sofia Troya, and Melissa Cote.


Club president Jake Peters led the way with a very respectable time of 43:44.  According to Jake this did register as his second best time on the course.  Times for the others were:
Megan Shea 47:42
Bailey Horn 49:52
Catie Keegan 49:57
Joshua Roller 52:30
Paige Durham 54:53
Rachel Housel 55:41
Bailey Davidson 57:59
Melissa Cote 59:49
Sofia Troya 1:09:05

Exercise — It Does A Body Good

Of late a number of highly regarded studies were published showing strong correlations with exercise and longevity or disease prevention.  One of the real nuggets of information gleaned from these papers is that a short bout of exercise leads to very big positive outcomes in terms of a longevity and steering clear of the diseases related to inactivity that face our society.  Here are three suggested papers and all are easy reading.
“Weekend warrior and other leisure time physical activity patterns characterized by 1 or 2 sessions per week may be sufficient to reduce all-cause, CVD, and cancer mortality risks regardless of adherence to prevailing physical activity guidelines.”
“One moderate exercise session has a cellular response that may help suppress inflammation in the body.”
“Global survey reveals how little fitness the average person will undertake in a lifetime, and opportunities to make positive changes. ”

For its part, Campus Recreation Services is underway with a fitness program aimed at getting persons to complete the longstanding 10K race over one of our famous landmarks, the Ravenel Bridge.  Our Bridge Run Training Program is open to persons of all fitness levels and we are especially interested in working with first-time runners or walkers.

For more information on the Bridge Run Training Program, visit our site:

“What have you to lose?”

23 and Climbing

Skip Rector, our resident yoga expert, now leads his 23rd year of yoga classes for the Campus Recreation Services program.  Not sure that either of us thought about that when we first kicked around the idea of offering yoga classes for the recreation program back in ’94.  Glad that we did.  Students who participate in the program have nothing but the highest compliments to share.

Skip continues to cement his standing in the yoga community with his latest effort.  He has the distinction of authoring a book on the subject, Yoga: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice, 2nd edition.

Find out what others have learned as Skip introduces you to the wonderful practice of yoga.  For more information, please call Skip at 843.442.9162.  Better yet, come join the class at any time during the session.

Meeting Times
Tuesdays at 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Room J-201 in the Johnson Center.   Yoga mats are available for the participants.

Session Dates
Session 1:  Tuesdays, January 17 through February 28
Session 2:  Tuesdays, March 21 through May 2

Register online at the Marketplace

Alley Cats Do It Again

These Cats were “purrfect” again! They become the first squad to win back-to-back titles in the faculty and staff bowling league, one that started back in the fall of 2011.  Ten or so teams battle each semester for the right to claim the championship trophy.  There must be  something to hoisting that gold pin that keeps our teams coming back.

Jen Stevens, the captain of the Alley Cats, is an avid participant as are all of the faculty and staff who enjoy spending their early Friday evenings in this low-key, but exceptionally fun atmosphere.  What made last Friday especially memorable for Jen, in addition to the hard earned win over the Chemistry Department’s entry the Atom Smashers, was rolling her personal best and incidentally the league’s highest 3-game series of the year.

Fac/Staff Bowling — Insider’s View


The Alley Cats from left to right: Liza Wood, Erika Hoffman, Aaron Holly, Brendan Laubner, Jen Stevens, Ryan Saffa, Ken Grimmage, Robyn Olejniczak, Miriah Stieglitz, and  Cam Saleeby.  Not pictured: Mat Garrison and Stephanie Smith.


Baseball Added to Sport Clubs Line-up

Baseball players have a reputation for doggedness and that is evident as they grind through their long season.  Jacob Anders too knows something about doggedness. He is the proud captain for the newest sport club in the Campus Recreation Services program.

Finding our office one day more than a year ago he outlined his love for the sport and how much it would mean to him to have a club team on our campus.  Despite hearing some of the difficulties that he would face in putting this club together, he was ready to begin.  Time did pass as he attempted to round up interest, find a facility that would provide access, and handle the other details involved, but he did not waiver.

The journey is not yet complete as the new captain has wishes to do more.  If you have an interest in joining, contact Jacob at: .



Swim Club — Not Bound to the Pool

The club held its first CofC Club Swim Sprint Triathlon in what was termed “a true urban fitness experience”.  Seven of the strongest female swimmers faced down this challenge by running the 3.2 miles from the Battery to their practice center at the MLK pool where they completed a 1/2 mile swim and finished with a 12 mile bike ride around Hampton Park.

Another fun club activity the members enjoy is a regular training session in the ocean.  Having lost the on-campus pool, the club initiated a change that is quite impressive.  At the crack of dawn, the swim club rolls up to Folly Beach for a mile run down the beach coupled with a brisk 500-meter swim.  Don’t forget the quick stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts on the ride home and all individuals are back in class by 9:00 a.m.  Now that is a wonderful way to jump start your mornings.