Silcox Gym Still Standing Strong

Merely getting older is not reason enough to take notice.  Look around, we live in a town full of old things.  This example is different.

We’ve all seen the quick-change costume act at the circus where the performer rapidly switches outfits in the blink of an eye.  The Silcox Gym too is similar.  Over the course of its 80 plus years it has served numerous events and purposes from a platform for presidential candidates, athletic center, a lunchtime cafe, location for intramural sports, department offices for physical education and classes, and holiday parties just to name a few.

It is coming up on the 25th anniversary of its last renovation, having reopened on November 29, 1995.  The change from the last fix-up was remarkable though the envelope of the building was untouched.  Unbelievably another renovation is already on the schedule.  And so the quick change act continues though in our parts we move a little slower.

While the focus of this is on the building, it is appropriate to point out that without persons of vision, strength of character, and the discipline to see it through, this building would be little more than a hollow shell.  Tied to this venerable gymnasium are quite a few individuals who stamped their contributions to the College, the community, and in some cases beyond.  Surprisingly quick were their long tenures: Willard A. Silcox, Anthony Meyer, Andrew Lewis, Tom Langley, Joan Cronan, Nancy Wilson, and Scooter Barnette.

The black and white photos were provided by the Special Collections unit of the College of Charleston Library.   A lot of dreams germinated in this building, and with any luck, that role will continue even if sporting a new outfit.

The facade is the same but the oak tree and fence have disappeared.
The gym was built to serve as an auditorium as well.
Yes, tennis courts where the TD Arena now sits.
Cornerstone being laid back in 1938.
Lobby entry from George Street.
Information plate detailing the building of the gym.
Information plate detailing the opening of the student activities building.
Facade of the Silcox Gym 2020.
Facade of the Silcox Gym 2020.
Panorama shot of the gym on the 2nd floor.
Panorama shot of the gym on the 2nd floor of Silcox 2020.
Lobby of the Silcox Gym 2020.
Lobby of the Silcox Gym 2020.

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