Watersports Club Jumps Right In

Some sport clubs take a while to get up to speed, but not this one.  Sam Carl, the new captain for the year, developed some very big plans and thought why wait.

The group scheduled two events for the Labor Day weekend, the first a cable ride at Trophy Lakes over on John’s Island.  Unfortunately the park’s cables were down for the day, but that didn’t dampen this group’s enthusiasm.  They made the best of their ride over to the island by hopping on the aquapark slides and obstacles.  What looked like just a kiddie park quickly turned into some huge fun.

The big event, held on Sunday, was a float down the Edisto River in inner tubes.  This was an event the club held before but was interrupted the past two years by the pandemic.  For the 50 or so students who attended, “great to be back on the water again” was a common refrain.

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