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Men’s Rugby, “A Force to Reckon With”

What more need be said?

College of Charleston versus The Citadel, October 19.
Result:  College of Charleston 31-21.  Matt Rockefeller was named “Man of the Match”.

College of Charleston versus the University of North Carolina, October 21.
Result: College of Charleston 19-14.  Max Bisaha was named “Man of the Match”.

The College’s club team jumped out to a 5-0 record to start its season.  Difficult competition lies in wait the remainder of the season.  GO COUGARS!

Max Bisaha finishing a tackle!  Other Cougars, l. to r. are Alejandro Vega, Brad Lundy, and Anthony Sinicropi.

Front and center is “Man of the Match”, Matt Rockefeller.  Nick Shaw (on top of #10), Brad Lundy (immediate right), Alejandro Vega (above Nick), Jay Greenlee (right of Alejandro), and Jackson Hutchison (in the background behind Matt).

Crew Club Scores Coveted Medal at Head of the South Regatta

“We started off our fall season by making a plan and despite having a rough beginning to the season, we stuck to it and succeeded in our goal of obtaining a medal.  We switched some of our training after a disappointing first race and worked really hard, together, for the rest of the season.  It felt great to be able to row for each other and contribute to something that transcends ourselves as individuals.”   — Ally Lesher, team captain

Pictured left to right: Gabi Tutelo, Mary-Britt McDonald, Allison Hansen, Ally Lesher, and Kelsie-Blake Weeks.



Program Note: The men’s novice team placed 5th out of 25 boats in their first regatta ever!

Running Club Conquers the James Island Connector Run

The College’s Running Club regularly participates in this race.  For those unfamiliar with its background, the Charleston James Island Connector Run benefits the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, a local charity that awards annual scholarships to students with physical disabilities making “Education Within Reach” for South Carolina undergraduates pursuing a college education despite physical limitations.  Since 1999, the Foundation has raised more than $1,000,000 and awarded 165 scholarships to Lowcountry students.  For more information,

Thirteen club runners participated this year and a number of great times were posted!

Blake Mino placed 4th in the overall competition.
Amanda Henderson and Cathryn Main placed first in their age group for the 10k.
Benjamin Harley and Madison Jones placed second in their age group for the 10k.
Janneke Morin placed first in her age group for the 5k.
Liv Donovan placed second in her age group for the 5k.
Connor Sage placed third in his age group for the 5k.

For the 10k race, all club members broke the one hour barrier and for those who ran the 5k, only one club member exceeded 25 minutes.  Great work gang especially on the part of the club’s president, Legare Hay, who organized this activity.

Blake Mino 0:42:45 10k
Amanda Henderson 0:45:34 10k
Ben Harley 0:43:26 10k
Cathryn Main 0:51:33 10k
Madie Jones 0:51:46 10k
Melissa Cote 0:55:19 10k
Albert Kresken 0:57:58 10k
Sydney Hungerford 0:58:00 10k
Connor Sage 0:20:52 5k
Janneke Morin 0:22:45 5k
Livia Donovan 0:23:29 5k
Legare Hay 0:24:20 5k
Kirsten Mullins 0:25:44 5k


Crew Does Boston

The Head of the Charles Regatta, or HOCR, is the premier event on any rower’s schedule, and why not, as it is the largest 2-day regatta in the world with upwards of 11,000 athletes participating.

Coach Seaton Brown ’09 spoke excitedly about his men’s varsity 4 team that qualified for this year’s race, “There’s truly nothing like going to the Head of the Charles and seeing the incredible passion that so many people have for this sport. People come from around the world to participate in what is actually a pretty challenging course, navigating five bridges, 90 degree turns, and rowing against the current. This year, we were met with a strong headwind too, gusting around 15 knots.”

Men’s Varsity 4 — from left to right Mollie Armm (coxswain), Harrison Sahm, Hunter Cunningham, Pat Amons (stroke), Tommy Slade.

CofC Alumni in Attendance — Sylvie Lexow, Caroline Lawlor, Joe Owayda, Julia Hibbard, Mike Micheli, Meghan McCormack, and Seaton Brown.

“What More Reason To Get Out On The Water?”

Folly Pier at sunset, October 2018.

This image was captured by Watersports president, Chris Kinsel, while out catching waves near the Folly Beach pier.  It begs the question for many of us who live in this spectacular marine area, “why aren’t we spending more time in and around the water?”

Thank you Chris for sending us this little reminder of the fun and relaxation we are sure to enjoy if we just head down to the water.

Kayaking on Shem Creek

Seventeen students got a chance to paddle along the scenic Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant on Sunday, August 19 as part of the Weeks of Welcome events.  No one seemed to mind the heat since they were having so much fun.

Oh Where, Oh Where Have Our Sport Clubs Gone?

That memorable line from kindergarten is a great lead-in to our sport clubs program and the full range of travel these enthusiastic students undertake to pursue their favorite sports.

The map gives a birds-eye view of where our clubs traveled this past year.  A better view can be had in the full screen mode using the icon on the right corner of the title bar.  This will also provide the key for the color coding used.  On the left panel of the full screen view just below the red check mark is an arrow which will toggle the view so that you can look at the individual trips taken by each club.

The round trip destinations total 36,000 miles but that doesn’t even consider that on all trips 3, 4, and 5 cars were needed to transport everyone.  A conservative estimate of the total mileage traveled by our clubs is 145,000 miles.

While this past year the trips tended to be more regional, in other years our clubs traveled as far as Philadelphia, Boston, and Arizona to compete.

Leadership Skills Tops 2018 Sport Clubs Survey

Professionals in the university recreation field proudly point to many positive results that students within the wide range of sport clubs develop or acquire through their participation.  There is a growing body of research that supports this view that a number of behaviors are impacted positively by sport club participation.  An added bonus for graduating seniors is that many of these traits are just the type that future employers favor highly.

The results in our latest assessment, a random sample of the over 400 sport club participants, reveal that 78% listed that they “benefited much” in terms of leadership skills.   For a look at the rest of the scores:   SportClubSurveyResults2018_1.pdf .

To glance at the various sport clubs at the College of Charleston, select this listing.


Buchanan and Lipata Score Awards

Bucky Buchanan and Freddie Lipata, both assistant directors of the Campus Recreation Services office, walked away with distinctive honors from the annual Salute to Student Affairs awards program held Wednesday, May 23, 2018 in the Alumni Center.

Buchanan, who heads the recreation fitness programming and facilities, won for Outstanding Support Staff awarded to the individual whose job is to maintain the everyday operations of their department and/or the Division. The individual assists departments, students, and the campus as a whole and makes a positive impact on everything he does.

Lipata, a 10-year veteran of the intramural recreational sports side of things, collected the very prestigious Victor K. Wilson Service to Students Award.  The award is given to an individual who demonstrates a student-centered approach of advocacy and empowerment to provide exemplary service to College of Charleston students. This award may also be given to someone who consistently inspires individuals or student organizations to go beyond normal expectations to accomplish goals, institute change, or make a difference.

Congratulations to each of our assistant directors who are instrumental in making a lot of people happy each day!


Run Club Tackles the Bridge Run

Club captain, Legare Hay, submitted these results from members of the College’s running club who participated in this year’s Cooper River Bridge Run, April 7, 2018.

Blake Mino – 45:44
Ty Andres – 49:08
Melissa Cote – 1:04:06
Sofia Troya – 1:11:37

Sofia Troya, Melissa Cote, and Legare Hay pictured above at the post-race gathering in Marion Square.

Even former club president Jake Peters was spotted at the race finishing in a very respectable 47:19 time.