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Outdoors Club – Here, There, Everywhere


The most recent foray by the College’s Outdoors club was to hike and camp in the Congaree National Park, a real treasure located just up the road between Charleston and Columbia.  Congaree National Park received its official designation in 2003, and while a new park, it has the distinction of containing the largest tract of old growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the United States.  In other words a perfect destination for our club.

This particular trip was led by one of the club’s board members, Keegan Robertson, class of 2021.  There are a lot of details that go into planning and then handling the logistics involved with such a trip.  After speaking with Roberston, one gets the feeling that is a small price to pay to be able to see the look of admiration on the faces of the participants who voice very positive accounts of having fun getting out of town, seeing some unique landscapes, and best of all getting a chance to cook over a fire.  He summed it up best by saying, “we seemed to hit all the big bases.”

Of course, these trips require more than just a trip leader.  Robertson was backed up by several of the club’s board members who each take a turn at leading weekend trips in the region.  A bulletin board posted by the club gives you an idea of the ground that they cover.

If this type of activity and fun interests you, send the club an email at  They are always interested in sharing the outdoors with others.


All the World’s a Stage

Swim club photo.
College of Charleston swim club at the University of Florida pool, October 12, 2019.

Many of us are familiar with the Shakespeare mention that “All the world’s a stage” and so it is for our sport club athletes.  “Merely players” they are not.  These students love their sports, spend a lot of time at it, and relish the chance to compete against other schools.

Let’s take a look at two programs that competed this past weekend, one a team sport and the other an individual sport.

The men’s ultimate club traveled to Raleigh, NC to participate in the annual Brickyard Brawl hosted by NCSU.  Many of the top teams in the region play in the Brawl, this year sporting 16 teams and close to 300 persons involved with the event.  The College found itself in the same bracket with the best team in the country, UNC-Chapel Hill, and two of the College’s main rivals, App State and East Carolina.

The UNC team won handily as was expected but the College played tenaciously against its rivals losing both by a margin of 1 point.  Clearly not satisfied with these results, the Cougars team surprised its final opponent, the University of Richmond, a team that had been in the national tournament two years prior.  Matt Doohan, our club’s captain, admitted that fortune was on the side of the College as they beat a team they thought they had little chance against.

For a full rundown on the tournament’s teams and pairings, check with Score Report .

Our swim club was on the road again, this time further south in Gainesville, Florida, home of the UF Gators.  The question on everyone’s mind was weather — whether tropical storm Nestor would wash out the event.  “What’s a little rain to a bunch of swimmers, right?”  Swim club captain, Allison Pegram in summarizing the meet mentioned, “Lots of great swims.  Still waiting for the official results to come in, but I’m pretty sure a few people made nationals cuts.”

These cut times are important to swimmers because that is how they qualify to swim in post-season events.  Other teams at the meet included Georgia Southern, University of Central Florida, Auburn University, and of course the host program, the University of Florida.

Not a bad way to spend your weekend — traveling off-campus, participating in your favorite activity, representing your school against a very formidable list of opposing schools, and having fun competing.


Let’s Go SUP. Stand-up Paddleboard Trip Schedule.

You live in the Lowcountry surrounded by water opportunities.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to get out on the water is by SUP.  Learning to paddle doesn’t take long but oh does it open up a whole new world to you!

If you’ve never done this before, come let us show you the way.  If you are familiar with it but feel there is more to learn, we can help there too.

Our fall schedule is listed here. Start your school year with something completely new!


CRS Staff Spotlighted at Career Center’s Student Employee of the Year Awards

In the neighborhood of 1200 students work for the College of Charleston in quite varied roles.  To be nominated for the prestigious Student Employee of the Year award is surely recognition well-deserved!  Two CRS employees received a nomination nod this year: Alexis Porfilio and Katherine Karel.

Alexis Porfilio being recognized at the SEOTY awards ceremony.

Alexis’ supervisor had these comments to share about why she is a key player in our operation.  “She regularly exceeds the expectations we have for our employees and does so without hesitation.  She enjoys tremendous respect among our student staff, so much so, that she is entrusted to lead them.  Another of the areas in which she excels is in greeting visiting families and the prospective students.  Her conversational skills and ability to connect with them provides a meaningful visit for those persons considering attending our school.”

Katherine Karel being recognized at the SEOTY awards ceremony.

Katherine’s supervisor gushed about what progress and contributions Kat makes to the program.  “When I first hired Kat, I was just looking for a good employee who could fill some simple tasks.  Not only did she exceed those expectations but she is an amazing example of what our CofC students should be.  Aside from staying on top of her studies, she immersed herself in so many new opportunities and activities that the College offers.  The net result being we got the better of this relationship because each and every week we end up with a better version of Kat working for us!”

CRS assistant director, Bucky Buchanan, receiving the Supervisor of the Year award.

And then there was this surprise of surprises.  Bucky Buchanan, most recognized for his role in supervising the George Street Fitness Center and its programming, won for Supervisor of the Year.  There are a lot of superlatives that can be said of Bucky: intelligent, hard-working, enthusiastic, caring, and humble.  I am sure the students who nominated him found many more to list.  At the end of the day, we are just plain fortunate to have him on our team!

Rumbling Bald, A Climbing Club Favorite

The climbing club set out Friday, February 15 for the Rumble 2019, an outdoor bouldering competition hosted by the Carolina Climber’s Coalition at Chimney Rock State Park outside of Lake Lure, NC.

The conditions were less than ideal but a little cold and rain wasn’t going to deter our group’s high spirits.  The trip included sends of some ultra classic Rumbling Bald boulder problems known as Crescent Crack, Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed, and Black Slab Right.  Nothing like a weekend at the Bald to make one fall in love with bouldering all over again.

Interested in climbing?  Give the club a shout at

Photos courtesy of club captain, Carly Lovas.

Club member, Sarah Sneath, readies her next move on the rock.

On the Road with the Swim Club

Undaunted is a term that describes this group of upbeat personalities.  The College of Charleston swim club did not fold when the campus pool closed a couple of years back.  Instead, and true to form, this group found an alternative location that would permit them to continue what they love best — swimming and competing.

No home pool simply means every meet is a travel weekend.  The bright side is they get to go places and see the best the region has to offer.  This past weekend was a short trip up the road to our neighbors in Columbia.  USC has a fine natatorium and that only added to a fun weekend.  Two club members were able to post personal bests as they all fight for a chance to qualify for the season ending meet.

Pictured on the front row: Will McCloud, Chris Barongan, Rowan Emerson, Sarah Brown, Carly Grabner and Leah Taylor.
Back row: Marshall Wallace, Rene Touma, Taylor Harkey, Allison Pegram, Bobby Carey, Zoe Daher (captain), Charles Taibi, Spencer Lukehart, Taylor Kerr and Hannah Hanes.