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Protest Preparations


April 10, 2022 by Jack Wedge

In looking at this sped up scene from the film And Tomorrow the Entire World, viewers able to get a deeper look into the ins and outs of some of the preparations these young adults have to observe and look into before they participate in an activity that could potentially result in a great deal of backlash. Although this clip is sped up, there is still a lot of digest as audiences see the manner to which this group looks into the security detail of the event they will be attending and the manner to which it is essential to recognize their connections and reasoning for acting as security as they are indeed seen as opposition in the eyes of this younger, rebellious group. In addition to this, it is made quite clear that although they are protesting they have to be on very good behavior because this is a peaceful demonstration and with the polarizing message there are a number of actions that could easily be scrutinized or misinterpreted, which could result in a very poor reaction from those whose beliefs do not align with there’s. With all that in mind, it is very intriguing to see the way in which this group has to prepare and be safe in the way that they present their ideologies, even if they are intending to participate in a peaceful protest and not one of aggression or violence.


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