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Emotional Crossroads


April 10, 2022 by shoenerca

I have chosen to slow down the shot of Luisa after Alfa tells her that she is not even on the list of people that the police are investigating. This was originally an extremely short, quick shot and I wanted to slow it down to emphasize Luisa’s conflicted emotions in this scene. Alfa and Lenor are being investigated by the police. They both realize how serious the situation has become and so they plan to return home to meet with a lawyer. Luisa, however, wants to continue to fight against Liste 14 because she fears that they will escalate and kill people if left alone.

In Luisa’s eyes, Lenor and Alfa are abandoning their shared cause to destroy fascism in Germany. To her, they are giving up and allowing Liste 14 to continue to hurt and harass people. She also knows that they do not value her opinion on the matter because she is one of the only ones in P81 who is not under investigation and because her parents are able to get her out of any trouble that she may find herself in, while the others’ parents are not able to help them. On the other hand, Luisa has found herself through her involvement with P81. She really committed herself to gathering information on Liste 14 for P81 and she made many close friends, including Lenor and Alfa, through this work. It is because of all of this that she is at a crossroads. She must now choose between her ideology of destroying fascism at any cost, which she believes is saving lives, and her friends at P81, who are no longer able to be heavily involved.


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