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The Turning Point


April 8, 2022 by pearsonkl

At this moment in the film And Tomorrow The Entire World, the P81 group who is protesting against the right wing fascists in Germany, had just vandalized cars belonging to the fascists. As they are running back from their successful “peaceful” protest, Alfa (one of the more extreme members of the group) decides they should take advantage of the time they have and do something more drastic than just property destruction. He tries to get the other members on his side, but Lenor and Luisa are not sure about crossing that line.

The part right after Alfa proposes his plan is slowed down to show emphasis on Luisa thinking through what Alfa is suggesting as she tries to decide if she will go along with the plan or not. You can see her thought process through her facial expressions and how the camera switches to a close up. She is hesitant, but ultimately decides to listen to Alfa. This is the turning point in the film where the group changes from purely peaceful protest/slight property damage to more drastic and violent actions.


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