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Not-so Private Moment


March 21, 2022 by coelhoce

The Silent Revolution is a film that mainly focuses on the protests of students wanting change in a very strict society telling them that they cannot think for themselves. Despite this, there are many moments that highlight the students thinking for themselves, especially in the scenes prior to and during this clip.

The addition of the background music mainly adds a layer of humor to a rather serious and intense moment. While the tone of the music still indicates seriousness, showing that he is walking into something he shouldn’t be seeing, the music plays on his reaction. While the addition of the music does not change how the scene is being interpreted, it plays on the inner monologue the viewer is having, which very much is an “oh no” type of moment.

The usage is particular, and directly corelates to the scene, much like the uses of music within typical Brechtian style films. Though the music in particular is playing off of a TikTok trend from around summer of 2021, which is very similar. Videos follow the format of something leading up to a moment that is regrettable and causes something bad to happen. The intention was to recreate something in essence of this trend while still abiding by requirements.


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