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Sad Memories


March 21, 2022 by sullivandr1

Throughout the film the protest against both the immigration laws and policies is explicit and prevalent. The characters rope in the audience to be a part of their cause by telling their stories of past experiences, as well as giving the audience a firsthand glimpse into what their everyday life is like.

Directly prior to the stills incorporated into the attached video, the character gives is story as a flashback for the audience, to a time during which his family was gathered and forced into a car, and told they were being deported. The memory is very painful for the character, and that can be discerned by both the acting and the added music to the stills. The music added to the video is very somber and sad, reinforcing how the character feels while touching on his painful past, without stating the obvious in an explicit matter. The music also does well in extorting sympathy from the audience on behalf of the character and his family. The sound makes the audience feel as though they are directly present in the observation of his sadness, and make them feel as though they can relate with the family on some sympathetic level.


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