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The Silent Revolution gone bad


March 21, 2022 by glenniecd

In this scene of The Silent Revolution, we see Erik is in distress over learning about his father’s secret while also being set up in order to give up who was responsible for the silent revolution that took place in his class. In distress, Erik goes to his next class in the shooting range; as his professor keeps yelling at Erik while trying to talk to Kurt, he gets enraged and pulls a gun on his teacher. This includes close-ups of the main characters displaying the intensity, while there is intense non-diegetic music build-up to the point where Erik points the gun. After Erik shoots the old teacher, he leaves and takes extra bullets to find his mother while his fellow students chase after him; in this sequence, we see long-shots and even some panning shots, which makes the chase feel more natural. In addition, eerie-like music is placed to show the shock and awe of what has occurred, and this is another example of sound effect to emphasize what is happening. The sound I added correlates with the one taking place, but instead of cut-offs, it is continuous; the non-diegetic sound helps put the audience into the scene.


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