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Music Amplifying Tension


March 21, 2022 by muthag

This clip from Silent Revolution takes place after Kessler proposes to have Kurt falsely name Erik as the ringleader of the protest to put the investigation to rest. A medium shot shows Kurt sitting at the table with his mother, while his father pours a drink in the background. Kurt is uneasy about the consequences that this lie would have, both on his conscience and on Erik’s life. His father insists that he should accept the proposal and that Kurt would look back on his white lie and laugh one day. After this statement. Kurt stands up from the table to face his father and pulls out an image. In this image, Kurts father is standing next to Erik’s father, who is hanged and deceased. Kurt furiously questions him: “did you laugh when you killed Erik’s father?” When Kurt stands, this places them on the same level, demonstrating a shift in power. Kurt is transforming from an inferior to an equal as he challenges his fathers authority by no longer being compliant with his demands. The scene originally contains no non-diegetic sound, however tense music was added in this clip. The tension between Kurt and his father is amplified by the added non-diegetic music. The music fades in when Kurt stands and builds up until he reveals the picture. As the music builds, the tension builds as well. At this moment, his parents realize that they no longer have control over his thoughts and actions. The tension is then released and the music fades. The fading music mirrors the dwindling position of parental authority. Overall, the music compliments the amount of tension present between Kurt and his father.


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