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It’s Still Not Over


March 22, 2022 by nicolpe

In this scene of The Silent Revolution, the students have just been expelled. The teacher saying this had no impact on the Hungarians make the students feel a deep sense of defeat. The music at this part adds to this emotion by making the audience feel the students defeat. The music has the feeling of a sense of doubting defeat within yourself after doing everything you can to make a change. The students put everything on the line. They stood up for what everyone else was too scared to, but in return, they got expelled and think they made no impact on society. At this moment they feel like everything they did and went through was pointless and accomplished nothing for the Hungarians. This emotion is also portrayed through the gloomy and cold atmosphere. The combination of feeling defeated, but also the cold resentfulness toward the government. Even after this feeling of defeat though, the students think about what comes next. Even though they feel like every option has been exhausted, they still have hope in how to move forward with their message. They do not know that their protest has and will have massive impacts on society, but they do not let the idea that has not eat them away and stop them. This also correlates with the music because the music adds the emotion of persevering even when it feels like all hopes are lost. The feeling of chugging a long at the hardest times. Some students even start to cheer up and become hopeful almost hopeful for their impact on the future. This scene with the music makes the audience feel inspired even when they are doubtful. This hope and persevering is what made their small acts of protest impact many people, and it continues even today.


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