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An Accidental Hero


February 4, 2022 by corkeryab

After one of the main characters of the movie deliberately pointed the Gestapo in a different direction, that was the beginning of the Czechs toppling the fascism from occurring in their town. Because of her, the suspect of the assassination of Heydrich got away. This caused a collective effort to prevent any conviction of the murder. They even staged a fake affair as part of the effort to stray the Gestapo away. Without Mascha, the Doctor who murdered Heydrich would have been caught very soon after the assassination. In addition, the reign of terror would have lasted a lot longer in Czechoslovakia. Mascha was a key person in taking down the Gestapo. Although people who were known to be affiliated with the resistance lost their life, including the professor who is Mascha’s father, those were lives taken in the name of toppling fascism. Even with the knowledge being face to face with death, the collective of the Czechs would not share the valuable information of who killed Heydrich. Instead, the collective successfully framed another person for the murder. They were able to formulate a plan to save the doctor from being caught and killed. Although Mascha was a normal engaged woman of society, she ended up being the key to taking down fascism in Czechoslovakia.


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