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Power in Sacrifice


February 4, 2022 by muthag

This screenshot is taken after an officer enters the cafe to make an announcement. It is announced that all public buildings will be closed and a seven o’clock curfew will be enforced. It is also revealed that anyone caught out on the street after seven o’clock will be shot on sight. At this moment, the Doctor begins to realize the complexity of the situation. The curfew is an attempt to confine and capture him. Other people are in danger as a result of his assassination of Heydrich, the Hangman. This announcement somewhat foreshadows the sacrifices that the Czech people will make. Although they are in danger, they make countless sacrifices for the resistance. At one point, the doctor wanted to give himself up in order to spare the lives of the hostages. However, the members of the resistance explain that by doing so he would only hand the Nazis yet another victory over the resistance. Not only do they continue to protect the doctor’s identity, they are banding together in order to protect their beliefs. Despite the continued reign of terror, the people continue to resist as a collective. Even with multiple deaths and continuous threats, the Czech people never surrendered. There is true power in coming together and making sacrifices for what you believe in. 


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