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Smokey movements


January 31, 2022 by factorgb

In the clip that I picked for my blog post one of the most important characteristics was movement. The clip goes on to show many different infrastructure parts of a factory and in almost every scene smokestacks can be seen. However what I found to be one of the most interesting parts about the clip is that when there are no visible smokestacks in the frame but it’s showing another building, smoke can still be seen coming out of the smokestacks in the reflection on the building. The movement of the smoke paired with the background orchard’s movement was supposed to show the viewer the fear and the severity of the film. The way Khule Wampe all the factories and all the smoke conveyed more of an eerie feeling than even Franz’s suicide scene. Even though it was made in 1932 I was very impressed by the quality of the

. Whenever the camera would change to a different building or different shot of smoke it was quick to clean cuts. However, the cuts from each different view were held for about three to five seconds each time. This allowed for the viewers to be able to feel each view and it worked well with all the buildings to tie up a great scene without ever seeing an actor.



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