4 August 2021

Yesterday I wrote my first “diary” post. In that post I confirmed that I had done my morning mindfulness practice, indicated one thing I was grateful for, and set myself three priorities for the day. I was unable to complete any of the priorities I set for myself, in part, because the goals I set were too vague (i.e., “work on flooding paper”). When dealing with ongoing projects, I think it might be better to set goals that are more measurable (e.g., “work on flood paper for 1 hour”). Let’s see how that insight works today!

Mindfulness Practice: Listened to 12 deep breaths

Gratitude: I am thankful for my wonderful wife. She is such a great partner, keeping the household running and attending to our children. I am lucky to have such a person in my life!

Priorities for the Day:

  1. Send condolence cards to Cindy and Laney.
  2. Complete Cotten promotion evaluation.
  3. Complete Isabel’s school registration.