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Academic Affairs staff graduate from the LEAP, leadership program

By Academic Affairs
Posted on 25 June 2019 | 2:22 pm — 
Staff, Faculty Complete Pilot Leadership Program
College of Charleston employees, including six from Academic Affairs, graduated from the College’s Leadership Education and Advancement Program (LEAP). This 18-person cohort met for a rigorous 12-month learning opportunity focused on enhancing the four disciplines of leadership: mastery of self, thought, results and people.

Congratulations to the members of LEAP’s first cohort at the College of Charleston:

  1. Michael Acree (Information Technology)
  2. Bucky Buchanan (Campus Recreation)
  3. Alice Buice (Health Services)
  4. Jill Caldwell (Student Life)
  5. Latisha Collins (Controller’s Office)
  6. Shanon Dooley (Biology)
  7. Jenny Fowler (Development)
  8. Sara Elizabeth Gallagher (Development)
  9. Anastasia Gilpatrick (Provost’s Office)
  10. Silvia Youssef Hanna (Academic Advising)
  11. Erica Harrison-Jones (Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs)
  12. Robyn Olejniczak (Graduate School)
  13. John Abrahm Saunders (Center for Student Learning)
  14. Sherri Shannon (Human Resources)
  15. Kate Tiller (Athletics)
  16. Weishen Wang (Finance)

Picture above (L–R): Silvia Youssef Hanna, Jenny Fowler, Latisha Collins, Shannon Dooley, Robyn Olejniczak, Kate Tiller, Erica Harrison-Jones, Sara Gallagher, Jill Caldwell, Ana Gilpatrick, Sherri Shannon, Kristen Halverson (Human Resources), Michael Acree and Alice Buice. Credit: Alicia Lutz ( 

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