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Anthology Reflections

The semester is almost over, and with it comes the close of our anthology project and a very interesting semester in Pre-Colonial America. For our grand anthology project I honestly had no idea what I was going to research that first day in the library. So I started poking around the databases looking for any […]

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Anthology Project Outline

For my anthology contribution I intend to focus on the early economic debates that occurred in Colonial America. Largely I’d like to find things all about the transition to paper money. The catalyst for this project was my discovery of an actual essay from Colonial America called “An Essay on Currency.”  This was written in […]

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Chapter 15: On Church and State

Chapter 15 is all about the Puritan’s view on the relationship between church and state. Our author John Cotton offers up several reasons why he doesn’t think the church should have power in civil service. He does this by offering his letter to an aristocrat who wanted to come to the colony from England, but […]

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A Colony Established on Religious Freedom: But how much freedom is too much?

Everyone knows the Puritans established colonies in North America to escape from religious persecution. Not wanting to conform to the Church of England, and being followers of a more Calvinistic approach to religion, the Puritans fled to the new world. But once they arrived and became established, how did they treat differing opinions on religion? […]

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Hardship and Hunger in Jamestown

For my early exploration narrative I choose the Generall Historie of Virginia By Captain John Smith, 1624; The Fourth Booke from the collection of narratives of early Virginia. Written by the English captain John Smith, this collection “takes up the history of the Virginia colony from the departure for England of Captain Smith about October […]

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A more story focused approach.

The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca offers such a wide variety of experiences, it can be difficult to decide the best way through the text with selections. I believe the best course would be with an increased focus on the events that occurred to de Vaca over the course of his journey. There are parts […]

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The Cheyenne Tribe and the Buffalo

I wanted to do a bit of research into my favorite Indian tale we’ve read so far “Arrow Boy.” The book says this story was told by the Cheyenne Indian tribe, who were largely located “in what is now Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota” ( This tribe placed a […]

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Some Thoughts from American Colonies

Easily the most interesting part of the American Colonies reading for me was the massive logistical problem faced by the early Americans. It is obvious that for such a primitive time food would be the driving force of most decisions, but what was not obvious for me was the differences between the regions. The strange […]

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