Possible / Selected Sources for Anthology Project

A New Voyage to Carolina, John Lawson

Carolina Chronicle of Dr. Francis Le Jau

Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society (also available on google books)

  • Includes the Shaftesbury Papers (Vol. 5)

Parish Records

Proprietary Records of South Carolina

Diary of Isaac Hayne

Paul Turquand, Sermon Books

Turquand Family Papers

History of Medicine in South Carolina

Huguenot Immigration to America

Historical Collections of South Carolinaembracing many rare and valuable pamphlets, and other documents, relating to the history of that state, from its first discovery to its independence, in the year 1776

History of the Huguenot Immigration to America

Records in the British Public Records Office Related to Corolina South Carolina

Look up finding aids and examine years (could do them all in 20 minutes)

Inquire about vertical files

Check out materials in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine

Journal of the Commons House of Assembly



Travel Narratives (Spain and SC) from Seally (linked on the schedule)

South Carolina Court of Common Pleas














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