2014 Schedule

Week 1

Thursday 1/9

  • Course Introduction & Syllabus Review
  • How this Course will Work: A Collaborative Classroom Model
  • Opening Discussion: From Thanksgiving to New Sweden: what do we know–and not know–about early America?

 Week 2

Tuesday 1/14

In Class:

  • American Indian & European Ways of Being

Readings Due:

  • American Colonies: Introduction (ix – xvii) & Chapter 1 “Natives” (3-22)
  • American Indian Myths and Legends: Introduction: xi-xv

Thursday 1/16

In Class:

  • TBA

Readings Due:

  • American Indian Myths and Legends: Parts 1 and 2 (choose 10 tales from each part and be ready to informally present on a few of them)

Assignments Due:

  • Blog 1 (prompt will be available online)

Week 3

Tuesday 1/21

Readings Due:

  • American Indian Myths and Legends: Parts 4 and 6 (choose 5-8 tales from each section and be ready to informally present on at least a few of them)

Thursday 1/23

Readings Due:

  • American Indian Myths and Legends: Part 7 and 10 (choose 10 tales from each section and be ready to informally present on at least a few of them)

Assignment Due: 

 Week 4

Tuesday 1/28

Reading Due:

  • American Colonies: Chapter 2 “Colonizers” (23-49)
  • The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca: from Introduction (1-5 & 17) & Chapters 1 – 10 (44-83)

Thursday 1/30

Readings Due:

  • American Colonies: Chapter 3 “New Spain” (50-66) & from Chapter 4 “The Spanish Frontier (67-79)
  • The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca Chapters 11-23 (83-125)

Week 5

Tuesday 2/4

In Class

In Class: 

  • Excerpting Early America: What motivates editors to include and exclude certain portions of the Cabeza de Vaca’s Narrative? We will explore a few anthology selections of Cabeza de Vaca’s Narrative (distributed in class and available online). 
  • In Class, we will discuss Norton’s selections in detail, discussing what motivates their choices and what their choices leave out, for better or worse.

Reading Due:

  • The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca Chapters 24-38 (125-176)
  • In Class (briefly review before if possible): Cabeza de Vaca selections from the HeathNorton, and Wiley.

Thursday 2/6

In Class: 

  • Excerpting Early America: Present and discuss your excerpts from Cabeza de Vaca’s Narrative.

Assignment Due:

  • Blog 3 (prompt available under “Assignments” tab).








Week 6

Tuesday 2/11

In Class:

Assignment Due:

  • Blog 4 (prompt available under “Assignments” tab)

Thursday 2/13

Reading Due:

  • American Colonies: Chapters 8, “New England” (158-186).  
  • Puritans, Introduction (ix-xv) and Chapters 1-3 in Part I (1-52)











Week 7

Tuesday 2/18

Reading Due:

  • Puritans Parts II and IIIChapters 5-13 (65-155)

Thursday 2/20

Reading Due:

  • Puritans Parts IV and V, Chapters 14-22 (157-238) + midterm study guide
  • Blog 5

Week 8

Tuesday 2/25

Reading Due:

  • Puritans Parts vi Chapters 23-26, pages 239-322).
  • American Colonies: Chapters 9, “Puritans and Indians” (187-203)
  • Check out the mid-term study guide (also distributed via e-mail).

Thursday 2/27

In Class:

  • Midterm



Week 9

+++Spring Break+++

Week 10

Tuesday 3/11

In Class: 

  • Introduce Archival Research Project

Reading Due:

  • Colonial South Carolina Chapters 1-4 (3-74)

Thursday 3/13

Archival Project: Intro to Archival Research

Reading Due:

  • Explore the Early Visions of Florida website, viewing it (as we did briefly in class) as a model for our own class project. As yourself questions such as: what does the site do well? What could it do more effectively? How might this be a model for our own online anthology of colonial Carolina documents?
  • Please also read the article written by the teacher who compiled the anthology describing its pedagogical (teaching) value. You can skim this one, but make sure you reflect on how we might also achieve some of the same goals and address some of the same problems his students achieved and encountered.

Week 11

Tuesday 3/18

Reading Due:

  • Colonial South Carolina Chapters 5-7 (75-172)

Thursday 3/20

Exploring Electronic Archives

  • Meet in the lobby of Addlestone Library

Week 12

Tuesday 3/25

Reading Due:

  • Black Majority, Prologue & Part One “African Workers in the Carolina Lowlands” (3-94)

Thursday 3/27

Archival Project Class Trip:

  • Meet at South Carolina Historical Society



Week 13: Online & Archival

Tuesday 4/1 and Thursday 4/3

Given the significant reading load this week, and because we will need to make a strong push to get our archival materials lined up, we will divide our labors this week. Each of you will sign up for one chapter to thoroughly outline / summarize for the class on the blog. Those who summarize chapter 8 or 9 will make an archival trip on Tuesday; those who summarize chapter 10, 11, or 12 will make an archival trip on Thursday. Please post your chapter summary according to the staggered schedule below, which will be updated once you have selected Tuesday or Thursday as your archival research day.  The summaries should be around 400-500 words. This post will count as quiz #4. Make sure you include the chapter title in your post title.

I will be at the SCHS on both class days. If you choose to go elsewhere to do your research (the CofC Special Collection for duplicate sources, or the Library Society if you plan to work with the Gazette) you will also have to schedule a separate conference with me to discuss your progress.

Reading Due:

  • Selections from Colonial South Carolina Chapters 8 – 12
    • Assignments are as follows:
      • Chapter 8: Emily, Taylor, Ben (Research on Thursday, Post by Sunday at 8 PM)
      • Chapter 9: Logan , Katheryn, Brandon (post by Monday at 8PM, research on Thursday)
      • Chapter 10: Katie, John (research on Tuesday, Post by Tuesday at 8PM)
      • Chapter 11: Sarah O, Sarah W (research on Tuesday, Post by Wednesday at Noon)
      • Chapter 12: Joshua, Jasmin (research on Tuesday, Post by Wednesday at 8PM)

Assignment Due by Friday 4/4: Archival Research posts (identify two sources)

Week 14

Tuesday  4/8

Readings Due:

  • Black Majority Part Two “The Changing Frontier” (93-191)

Thursday 4/10

Archival Project Class Trip and Individual Conferences:

  • Details TBA



Week 15

Tuesday 4/15

Archival Project Class Trip: Meet in Addlestone with documents ready to be transcribed

Thursday 4/18

Group and Peer Review:

  • Bring complete drafts of headnotes to class (2 copies)


Week 16

 Tuesday and Thursday, 4/22-4/24

  • On Tuesday we will conduct peer review and discuss the final project. On Thursday, the final day of class, we will celebrate the anthology, troubleshoot final issues, and give informal presentations based on our reflection blog posts.
  • Assignment Due on Thursday: Blog 6: Archival Research Reflection

COMPLETE DRAFT OF HEADNOTE DUE ON THURSDAY 4/24 posted on our anthology blog. 

 Final Exam: Thursday, May 1–12:00

Make sure you post your final project in light of my revision suggestions by the time of the final exam. There will be no formal meeting.

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