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Cyber Safety and Tax Season

The end of tax season is the prime time for hackers. If you file your taxes electronically, Information Technology would like to offer a few helpful tips during this time. Never provide your Social Security Number (SSN) over email, even to a legitimate company with a legitimate reason to ask for it, unless the email…Continue Reading Cyber Safety and Tax Season

Outlook 2007 Mailbox Help

Outlook 2007   How to make a new folder for your Outlook Inbox (If you have more than one Mailbox, make sure you select the mailbox where you want that folder located.)                                      ·        Select the desired Inbox ·        Click on the down arrow by the word “new” and then folder   ·        Type in…Continue Reading Outlook 2007 Mailbox Help

Power Saving Tips

Power Saving Tips Save power & money: check the sleep setting on your computer. Even LCD monitors use power and when they are sitting idle they can be set to power down automatically. Here’s how you do it: On Windows XP computers: Right click anywhere on your wallpaper and choose “properties” from the pop-up menu…Continue Reading Power Saving Tips

Make things a little easier sometimes!

  KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS   Aside from increasing productivity, using keyboard shortcuts can make your life a lot easier so you don’t have to jump back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.         Here are 5 shortcuts!   CTRL + C Copies the highlighted text for insertion at another point in your…Continue Reading Make things a little easier sometimes!

Don’t Panic!

If for some reason, when you started up your computer for the first time that day, and you can’t get to files or access the network, don’t panic.  One of the quickest and easiest things to do first is to just restart your computer.  Chances are, that sometimes that will fix the problem….Continue Reading Don’t Panic!