Who’s talking about you?

I admit I don’t scan the blogs as often as I should (like daily), but I came across a post this morning that made me smile.  Bob Johnson, a consultant for higher ed marketing, used our Twitter account as an example in his March 4 post.

It’s been interesting to learn what Twitter offers.  I’ll admit that at first, I wasn’t a fan of the micro-blogging service.  Jared Smith, our fearless Webmaster, gave me some pointers when I first created our account.  Since then, our Dean and Admissions Director have followed suit and created their own accounts.

Twitter has been a great resource for me since joining.  Sure, I get to read all about what restaurant people are choosing for lunch, but I also get to hear about useful and trending websites like Collegewebeditor.com, tips from Tory Johnson I can share with our students, and what other colleges like SCSU are up to.

The trick now is to turn off Twhirl while writing proposals!

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