The Graduate School’s New Director of Graduate Marketing and Communication – Matt Bowersox

The Graduate School has recently welcomed Matt Bowersox, the new Director of Graduate Marketing and Communication. Here’s more information about Matt:

Matt Bowersox is a seasoned marketing professional and communications strategist with over a decade of experience in both the private sector and academia. Born and raised in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Matt moved to South Carolina to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media from Bob Jones University in 2011.

Throughout his career, Matt has successfully launched marketing and communications initiatives for various programs in the higher education sector. Most recently, he played a key role at Furman University, where he helped launch marketing campaigns for over 5 new programs in the past 5 years, driving enrollment and increasing brand visibility.

Apart from his marketing expertise, Matt has a passion for learning about the unique and diverse history of Charleston, South Carolina, which he explores during his spare time in town. He enjoys walking through the city, discovering hidden gems and learning about its rich cultural heritage. In his free time, Matt also indulges in playing board games and keeping up with emerging technologies.

With a proven track record in marketing and a genuine curiosity for the world around him, Matt is dedicated to driving results and making a meaningful impact in the field of marketing and communications.

We are so glad to have Matt and cannot wait to see him do great things at the College of Charleston Graduate School!

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