Presley Mullinax ’22

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Minors: Psychology & Communication

Presley’s Student Spotlight: 

At an early age, I began to develop strong storytelling and writing skills and was acknowledged by showcasing a story at the Young Authors Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. However, after growing up in poverty with many challenges, I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for college, so I paved a different path.

I moved to Denver, Colorado, explored my new city, and met like-minded individuals. I worked for a startup company, a staffing agency and as a waitress, but none of my jobs were fulfilling. I followed rock bands around the country, into Mexico and the Dominican Republic before I discovered that I possessed greater potential and an eagerness to invest in something bigger than myself – my education.

At first, I took a non-conventional approach to my studies. I considered multiple majors, transferred between numerous schools, and as time progressed, I became more aware of my talent in storytelling, creative writing and my ability to deeply connect with people.

After careful consideration, I finally settled on a major. The combination of people, places, experiences, and opportunities throughout my twenties, coupled with a strong-willed, determination to succeed, prompted me to choose Psychology and Communication as the two minors for the Bachelor of General Studies major.

Through education, I have reimagined my bigger picture and have learned to value my successes, both large and small. I have learned what it means to be inclusive and accepting of all people and have readjusted my goals and personal values. I have discovered throughout the last five years spent in three different states, on three college campuses, with three changes of my major that General Studies is not a means to an end, but it is an open door to endless possibilities.

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