Teyako Bolden ’22

Hometown: Summerville, S.C.

Minors: Communication & Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication

Teyako’s Student Spotlight: 

“Are you sure you’re not taking on too much?” I ask myself this question a hundred times a day. I work ten-hour days, I’m a fulltime student, I have three kids all of whom play sports, and by the time I arrive home from various practices it’s well after 9:30 pm.

It all began when my pre-teen daughter reminded me that we are not allowed to quit things; if we make a commitment, we see it through. So, I decided to finish what I started 18 years ago. I re-enrolled at Trident Technical College, determined to finish a degree, and in May of 2019, I graduated on the Dean’s List with an Associates in Arts. But I walked away with so much more. Getting a degree created a thirst for more.

Could I earn a bachelor’s degree and break into a career in publishing? Books and writing have always been a passion of mine and when I took a creative writing course at Trident Technical College, I loved everything about it.

So, I decided to complete a Bachelor of General Studies degree where I could combine Communication with Writing, Rhetoric and Publication. I love the idea of combining two minors because I gain a different perspective on how to solve problems through an interdisciplinary approach.


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