Declyn Drejza ’22

Hometown: Murrells Inlet, SC

Minors: Hospitality and Tourism Management & Leadership, Change, and Social Responsibility

After a year as a business major at the University of South Carolina, I moved to Charleston and I started my current job at Hotel Bennet where I discovered my passion for hospitality, and business ethics (specifically relating to sustainability).  With some experience under my belt, I decided to enroll in the general studies at the College of Charleston with minors in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Leadership, Change, and Social Responsibility 

Through the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment, I learned that my core strengths include adaptability, empathy, and communication. These are crucial for thriving in the hospitality and tourism industry. How many times has a guest’s schedule changed that required adaptability, or a situation arisen that called for effective communication and empathy to accommodate the needs of the guests? 

Another of my core strengths is ideation – suggesting that I am inclined to think of efficient and sustainable solutions. My Leadership, Change and Social Responsibility minor is an ideal match for hospitality because many businesses are shifting towards more socially conscious practices.  

While I don’t know where my future career path will lead, I chose General Studies because I don’t want to be defined by one subject. Rather, I have chosen a major with two minors that capitalize on my strengths. When future employers ask about the degree program, I will have the opportunity to demonstrate my true value by articulating the integrative qualities of my degree program, and by showcasing my strengths as a future employee and leader. 

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