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CofC Public Health Students Prepared for Pandemic

Posted by: murphys2 | April 23, 2020 | No Comment |

This current pandemic and the nation’s response may give some public health students a feeling of déjà vu. As part of a Global Health course in March 2018, Dr. Brian Bossak co-led a study abroad trip with 10 students to visit the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. They met with public health leaders at the WHO and visited the situation room where they learned about preparations for the next pandemic, how the response would work, and current disease detection efforts.

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Innovative Research Conducted in EHHP

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Many of the dedicated faculty members in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance conduct innovative research that position EHHP as a thought leader in the health and education fields. The research being conducted by faculty is also a great opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a real-world scenario and improve their analytical skills. The opportunity to conduct research and the challenging coursework helps prepare EHHP’s students to be well-rounded professionals.

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Alumni Spotlight: Kate Pfile ‘04

Posted by: murphys2 | March 26, 2020 | No Comment |

Associate Professor | Exercise Science Program Coordinator

Did you know Dr. Kate Pfile is a College of Charleston graduate? It is exciting to have an accomplished alumna pouring her knowledge and experience into the department and programs that helped prepare her for her career. Below she shares words of wisdom and what she loves about the College of Charleston!

What do you enjoy most about being a faculty member at the College of Charleston?

Growing up I played a lot basketball and I loved being part of a team. My teammates these days are my colleagues within the department and across campus. I know this sounds super nerdy but I enjoy setting and accomplishing goals together. I am fortunate to engage with a diverse group of driven faculty, staff, and students each day! I have been in jobs that did not bring me joy and I am thankful for those times because they help me to better appreciate my current fortunes. Read More…

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Top Three Reasons to Major in Public Health

Posted by: murphys2 | March 9, 2020 | No Comment |

Selecting a major to study can be overwhelming, but don’t stress! The College of Charleston provides a liberal arts education that will prepare you to be a well-rounded graduate. Consider public health, one of the fastest growing majors on campus. In this program, you will:

1) Make a noticeable difference

Public health professionals improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities around the world through health promotion and disease prevention. Public health professionals work to achieve these goals by implementing educational programs, providing medical services, developing health-related policies, and/or conducting research and can often see the positive immediate and long-term impacts of their efforts.

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Is a Teacher Education Major Right for You?

Posted by: murphys2 | March 2, 2020 | No Comment |

Selecting a major can be a daunting task with over 60 majors offered at the College of Charleston. Our teacher education programs offer a personalized experience with faculty members who care about you and your journey as a student. We pride ourselves on the comradery in our programs.

So, is this major for you?

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Four Reasons to Study Exercise Science

Posted by: murphys2 | February 21, 2020 | No Comment |

Congratulations! You have worked hard to earn acceptance at the College of Charleston where you will grow personally, professionally and academically. Now, time to make one more major decision – your major. Exercise science may be a good fit if you,

1) Want to help others live healthier lives

Exercise science majors learn how to identify an individual’s challenges and make recommendations for people to improve their overall physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. You will learn how to make positive lifestyle changes for yourself and others that include developing tailored goals and individualized exercise and nutritional programs.

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Alumni Spotlight: Marvin Conyers ’15

Posted by: murphys2 | February 10, 2020 | No Comment |

What do you enjoy most about being an educator?

As an educator, I enjoy seeing the AHA! moments when students learn new concepts or understand the connection of lessons to their own lives. I become elated when students see their own improvement after working to get to mastery. I also enjoy building relationships with students and their families because I truly believe that fostering a positive relationship with students will cultivate high achievement levels.

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Top Kayaking Instructor Making Waves at the College

Posted by: murphys2 | January 23, 2020 | No Comment |

Top Kayaking Instructor Making Waves at the CollegeOften times, the best way to learn is by taking a hands-on approach. That’s definitely the philosophy of Ashley Brown, an adjunct instructor in the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Brown teaches coastal kayaking courses, and she’s among the best qualified individuals in the world to do that. She holds the top certification in the U.S. for kayak instructors, and late last year, she received the American Canoeing Association’s Excellence in Instruction Award. That’s an honor given to just one individual in North America each year.

For much of the past decade, Brown has been a pivotal figure in her department. Department chair Wes Dudgeon offers praise, saying that she has almost singlehandedly built the kayaking program at the College. In 2013, there weren’t any students taking such courses, but since then over 60 students each year enroll in Brown’s classes.

Story by Dan Dickison. Read more on The College Today

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Student Spotlight: Bryson Cook ’22

Posted by: murphys2 | January 22, 2020 | No Comment |

Bryson Cook ’22 is a triple major (public health, exercise science and Spanish) with plans to pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy. He believes the dedication of professors, staff, and rigorous curriculum are challenging him to and equipping him with the knowledge necessary to deliver the most effective treatment for his future patients.

What excites you about your major?

“Learning valuable information that will aid me in my future career and utilizing my resources for the most effective treatment possible for my future patients. Additionally, I want to reach a broader spectrum of patients that primarily speak Spanish, thus, the culmination of my majors/minors allows this path to be achievable.”

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Instagram Giveaway: #ITeachBecause

Posted by: murphys2 | January 21, 2020 | No Comment |

Teachers play a significant role in our lives and community by inspiring the next generation and exposing them to the wonder of learning. Most educators go far beyond the basic needs of teaching by sponsoring school clubs, advising students, coordinating meaningful field trips, coaching and supporting multiple services in the community. The School of Education, Health, and Human Performance believes they deserve appreciation and recognition for their dedication to and hard work for their students. To show our appreciation of EHHP alumni and educators in local schools and to highlight this profession, EHHP is giving away two amazing prizes to the top submissions of the #ITeachBecause and #ISupportTeachersBecause campaign.

How to win?

1) Post a photo with a 250-character caption on Instagram about why you teach or why you support teachers.

2) Include #ITeachBecause, #ISupportTeachersBecause and #cofc250. (Is not included as part of character count)

3) Tag @cofcehhp in your post.

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