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Four Reasons to Study Exercise Science

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Congratulations! You have worked hard to earn acceptance at the College of Charleston where you will grow personally, professionally and academically. Now, time to make one more major decision – your major. Exercise science may be a good fit if you,

1) Want to help others live healthier lives

Exercise science majors learn how to identify an individual’s challenges and make recommendations for people to improve their overall physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. You will learn how to make positive lifestyle changes for yourself and others that include developing tailored goals and individualized exercise and nutritional programs.

2) Are passionate about movement sciences

As an exercise science major, you will study how movement and physical activity, or the lack of, affects the human body. You will learn how movement relates to maintain health and wellness across the spectrum of life from youth to elderly, and healthy to a chronically ill or injured population.

3) Are seeking an interactive degree

Exercise science majors are challenged to develop evidence-based knowledge and hands-on skills in applied science courses. You can earn course credit for career-based internships and individualized learning opportunities like conducting research with faculty.

4) Are seeking a versatile degree

A degree in exercise science will equip you for a broad array of careers. You will have a choice in the direction you pursue as a background in exercise science highly prepares you for graduate school in fields related to occupational therapy, physical therapy, athletic training or physician assistant studies. Additionally, there are careers that do not require a graduate degree including as an exercise physiologist, wellness program coordinator, or strength and conditioning specialist.

Explore the opportunities available to you as an exercise science student at the College of Charleston.

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