RPM Healthcare and Toptix, LTD Awarded Grants to Dr. Olmsted for Research in #CSatCofC Courses

Dr. Aspen Olmsted was awarded two grants from RPM Healthcare and Toptix, LTD to support student research in CSCI 360, Software Architecture and Design, and CSCI 690, Special Topics: Applied Software Penetration Testing. Students will select research topics from the coursework, propose and test a hypothesis, and deliver a presentation of the results. Each grant will provide $3,000 for selected students to present their research at an academic conference.

RPM Healthcare is collaborating with CSCI 360 for the Spring 2016 semester.   RPM Healthcare will participate in the course over the semester by providing application domain knowledge. Students will develop system models and prototypes for the healthcare billing application domain.

Toptix, LTD is collaborating with graduate course, CSCI 690, for the Maymester 2016 semester. The course will be offered as a reverse course. Classwork will be assigned outside of class to learn security domain knowledge. During the course meeting time, students will infiltrate Toptix’s enterprise systems, using the knowledge they learned from the assigned coursework.