Cybersecurity Club Wins SECCDC, Aims for National Title

The Cybersecurity Club’s Cyber Team placed first in the Southeastern Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition earlier this month, qualifying them for Nationals in April.

Team CofC competed against Auburn University, Kennesaw State University, Montreat University, University of North Florida, University of Tennessee – Chattanooga and University of West Florida during the two-day contest. They also won the Best in Business award.

Next up for the team is the Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition on April 18th. Following that they will compete in the National Cyber Defense Competition on April 23-24 for the national title. Good luck to our students!



Congratulations to our amazing team members:

Patrick McCabe (Captain)

Matt Walter (Asst. Captain)

Ross Clarke

Luke McGuire

Dilyara Meeder

Seth Hinson

Chris Taylor

Isaiah Stapleton

Faculty Advisor- Jonathan Sun