Student Spotlight: Grace Bader

By | September 17, 2021

This week we caught up with Grace Bader, a junior majoring in Molecular Biology & minoring in Neuroscience and Chemistry. Grace and her mentor, Dr. Jenn Wilhelm, received a SURF 2021 Grant to explore peripheral nerve injuries.

Grace told us, “My project focused on peripheral nerve injury and how the absence/addition of estrogen combined with exercise can facilitate synaptic changes after injury. My favorite memory with Dr. Wilhelm from the summer was towards the end of the project. Dr. Wilhelm and I were analyzing samples under the microscope and finally got some definitive results for my summer project. I gained a lot of lab experience from this that will be useful to me when I pursue medical school or MD/PhD programs.”

Grace added, “Don’t be afraid of the research process. Freshman year I was overwhelmed at the thought of starting research, but Dr. Wilhelm has made it a smooth process and I have learned a lot from her. If you are able to find a mentor/PI who you work well with and is understanding then the research can be a very fun and rewarding experience!”

Attached are photos provided by Grace of the research process. Thank you to Grace for sharing your SURF 2021 experience!

Student researched Grace Bader looking into the lens of a microscope

Grace Bader looking through the lens of a microscope.

Photo taken from microscope of neurons found

Neurons that Grace and Dr. Wilhelm found on a slide.

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