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Summer and Fall 2024 Course Offerings

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | May 1, 2024 | No Comment |

These courses will count toward the Southern Studies minor.

Summer 2024

SOST 200 Maymester Online Prof. Adam Jordan

ENGL 313 Summer 1 Online Prof Valerie Frazier

ARTH 333 Traditional Design and Preservation in Charleston [CHECK] M-F 8:30-12 Maymester Prof Ralph Muldrow

MUSC 222.01 All That Jazz Maymester Online Prof. Yiorgos Vassilandonakis

Fall 2024

AAST 300.02 The Black Queer South MW 2-3:15 Prof. Antron Mahoney

AAST 330.04 Religion in the Black Atlantic 9:25-10:50 TR Prof. Lenny Lowe

EDFS 201 Foundations of Education (Multiple Sections)

ENGL 313 African American Literature 12 MWF Prof. Valerie Frazier

FYSE 105 Arts and Crafts of Charleston [First-year students only] Prof. Pat Dillon

FYSE 143 Exploring Charleston Harbor’s Sustainability Challenges [First-year students only] Prof. Geoffrey Timms

GEOL 257 Marine Geology 12:15-1:30 TR [check]

GEOG 219 Reading the Lowcountry Landscape Online Prof. Annette Watson

HONS 265 Museums, Memory, and Commemoration in Charleston 10:50 and 12:15 TR Prof. Julia Eichelberger Prof. Joanna Gilmore

HONS 390 How Wild and Cultivated Plants Shaped South Carolina’s History and Culture W 4-6:45 Prof. Mindy Hong

MUSC 365.01 Ensemble: Gospel Choir

SOST 175 Religions in the U. S. South 1:40-2:55 TR Prof. Elijah Siegler

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