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Yeah, it’s been that kind of project


May 20, 2013 by Garrett Mitchener

I just got this lovely error message from the Haskell compiler:

./build-dbg Engine
[41 of 41] Compiling Engine           ( Engine.hs, dbg/Engine.o )

    My brain just exploded
    I can't handle pattern bindings for existential or GADT data constructors.
    Instead, use a case-expression, or do-notation, to unpack the constructor.
    In the pattern: BPPBox bProb
    In a pattern binding: BPPBox bProb = mkProb dir
    In the expression:
        mkProb = inventory M.! problemName
        BPPBox bProb = mkProb dir
        do { checkProblemName problemName;
             createDirectoryIfMissing True dir;
               ("Flag to keep dead genomes initialized to " ++ show keepDead);
             .... }

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  1. Ruhid says:

    Don’t worry every problem has a solution and every project is not successful until it pops an error. Like you mever complete a game without failing once. 🙂

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