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I’m from Charlotte originally, went to NC School of Science & Math for high school, undergraduate at Duke, PhD from Princeton in applied and computational math, taught math for three years at Duke, and now I teach math at the College of Charleston.  My research is in mathematical models of language learning and change.  I play oboe with the Charleston Community Band, and I like working with plants.  I also like games, sci-fi, and dogs.
High and Deep: These are whimsical fictional stories about an alternate universe, a lot like ours, but just a bit mixed up.  I say “fictional” but they’re all based on some all-too-real situation I’ve encountered.  The names have been changed to protect the guilty.  Let’s face it: We all face absurdities, frustrations, pointless complications, and general madness on a daily basis. So, do I laugh or do I cry? I choose to laugh….
C minus: These are true stories that just defy my sense of what reality should be like.  They’re about people not paying attention, failing to do their job, or doing their job at a barely adequate level (hence the name).  As a teacher, I encounter way too many students who sort of shoot for the C- and miss, and that attitude causes all kinds of absurdities.  Then I started noticing the same thing happening beyond the Ivy Tower…
Letters to Diego: This spring (2013) I decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International. I’ve been thinking about this for a while because several of my friends sponsor children through Compassion: You pay a small amount each month, and that supports a child at a Christian school in a developing country. My child is a boy named Diego. I’m not going to post all of my letters to him, but I realized that some of these letters are going to have lessons and jokes that I might want to keep, so I’m going to post at least a few. Keep in mind, I’m writing to a young child, who’s behind in his education and whose family is poor according to American standards. Also, someone has to translate all of this 🙂 so the writing is intentionally simple and the topics are carefully chosen.


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