Volunteer Oppys for Grad Students

And now, a message from the Social Activities & Student Outreach Committee Chair for the Graduate Student Association:

Hi folks!  Here are two things that we will be volunteering for as grad students coming up.

First, this weekend, Sat. the 22nd. I am writing to ask for volunteers to help the Lowcountry Food Bank move on November 22nd. This will be a GSA/SGA student outreach activity. I am currently looking for at least 10 volunteers. This will not be your typical organize and sort food or soup kitchen volunteering experience. They are moving to a new facility and need help moving all of the food and equipment that they have to that new facility. It is an afternoon shift from 1-5 pm, although they are looking for people to be a little flexible with the time as well. The meeting place will be at their current facility on 1635 Cosgrove Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405.

This will be a great way to do something for the holidays. And yes i realize it doesn’t directly involve you working with people that are less fortunate, but by moving into this new facility, the Lowcountry Food Bank will be able to handle more donations and help more people. And don’t forget, you can bring friends with you, this is not limited to college students.

Please email me if you can attend, bryan.danson@gmail.com

Second, the President’s Office needs volunteers as well. Here are the details. The Faculty Staff Holiday Party is Dec 12 and we need volunteers to check people in, work with the raffle, and work with coat check. We would need people there from about 5:30 to 10:45ish. Last year the volunteers took shifts which worked out really well so no one has to commit to the full time unless they really want to. The dress for this event would be a bit more formal, i think its black tie optional but I’ll have to double check and get back to you. I know its right in the middle of finals but it is on a Friday night so it won’t interrupt with studying too much. We would love to have around 8-10 people volunteer. Please email Rachel if you can attend.

One last thing. The calendar has been updated on the Google group. Don’t forget to check it.

Have a great week,

Bryan Danson
Social Activities and Student Outreach Committee Chair
Cell – (313)401-5250

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