Visitors, Basketball and Open Houses

The campus has been busy!

Friday afternoon, we hosted 19 students from Fayetteville State University.
For a little over two hours, representatives from our graduate programs and a representative from The Citadel Graduate College covered the basics of grad school.  We talked about how to create a competitive application package and what to expect when you’re a grad student.

As a token of our appreciation for visiting us, the FSU students returned with a brand new entrance exam study guide of their choice. If you can’t afford the $1,000+ study sessions with big name organizations, these books are incredibly helpful.  I’m using the GMAT Review in conjunction with Princeton Review’s GMAT study guide, and they’re very useful in remembering the math I’ve long forgotten!

ESPN’s Charleston Classic also kicked off on Friday,
and I got to go to College of Charleston’s first game in its brand new Carolina First Center.  The Cougars won their first game in the new arena, beating SIUE 72-66.  As you can expect, there was a lot of Cougar Pride in the stands.  As there should be for $10 a ticket for students (and staff)!  Even though graduates can’t get the same deal, I was excited to find one of our MAT grads (and former Teacher of the Year) sitting in front of me.  Wonder who I’ll find at the next home game against South Carolina on the 28th at 7:00…

Last, the Graduate Studies Office is hosting its etended hours this week.
On the third Monday and Thursday of each month, our office is open from 8:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  We welcome prospects and students to visit us in our office in 310 Randolph Hall during the extended hours who normally cannot make the trek downtown during regular business hours.  If your schedule still does not accommodate these hours, and would appreciate a face-to-face meeting after hours, let us know and we’ll schedule an appointment.

CO – UG – A – R – S ! ! !

One thought on “Visitors, Basketball and Open Houses

  1. What a great gift for the FSU students! Hopefully that will help their chances quite a bit

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