Intro by Lucy Richmond

Hello! My name is Lucy Richmond, and I am a rising sophomore in the honor’s college, double majoring in Biology and Piano Performance. The study abroad program I am participating in is the Honors Study Abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. Through this program, I will be taking an Evidence-Based Medicine course with Dr. Pfile and an Honors Immersed course about green spaces and the built environment in Lisbon with Dr. Hughey. I chose this program for a couple of different reasons, one being because it offers a course that is medicine focused and I want to enter the nursing field in the future. Also, I have been eager to explore different parts of Europe, and Portugal is a beautiful country. Lastly, the honors immersed credit is needed to graduate, and being able to fulfill that credit by spending time in different parks across Lisbon sounded wonderful. I have always known that I wanted to study abroad in college, and although I just finished my freshman year, I was unsure if there would be another opportunity like this that fits my interests so well. During my time abroad, a large goal of mine is to immerse myself in the culture as much as possible, which includes learning some Portuguese. I also plan to keep a journal that I will write in every day so that I can look back on it in the future to remember my trip. I have done some research on Portugal about the famous sights to see, popular foods to eat, and nearby cities to travel to, however, I know that when I get to Portugal I will learn much more from the locals. Overall, I hope to see as much of Lisbon, and other parts of Portugal, as possible during my time there, and immerse myself in the culture to learn as much as possible, while allocating time for academics.

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