London by Nora Gore

I have been in London for over a week and I can already feel myself forming a routine and becoming more comfortable living here. Even though the UK is a predominantly English-speaking country, there are still many differences in culture and lifestyle. There is an abundance of cultural diversity everywhere you go and it is exciting to hear multiple different languages a day as you walk down the street. In my first week, I observed a lot of the little things that I did not realize would be so different here, such as the lack of ice and the persistent cool weather during the summer. I quickly realized that I probably did not bring enough long-sleeved shirts and that I would not be drinking iced coffees while here. I have already adjusted to the tube system around the city and it always feels cool to figure out my way to certain places on my own! It has only been a week and I already consider my nearest tube stop “home” when I arrive there. I’ve tried to avoid restaurants that I have back home and have really enjoyed going to local markets to buy delicious authentic food that is cheaper than all of the tourist spots. My favorite things to do after class are taking a walk around Regents Park and going to a pub next to the dorm called the “The Globe” with my friends in the evening. One important thing to note about pubs in the UK is that they are an important part of their history and culture that have been around for centuries. They offer a casual social gathering place where you can share a meal and a drink at any time of the day. It is not a place to party like it is in the US and it is always fun to get to know the locals at the pub and hear about their lives. It is amusing to hear how they perceive us as Americans and hear their opinions on our political sphere. In the next few weeks, my goals are to try more traditionally British food and meet more people that live here!

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