Trujillo, Spain by Daniella Johansson Emmert

After a good three months studying abroad in Trujillo, Spain, I never want to leave. The experiences we had and moments we made have been unforgettable. It was the fastest semester of my life. It feels like just yesterday I met my host family and tried my first Spanish meal. It was an experience I will forever be grateful for. I learned many new things about the world and, also, myself. It was hard to adjust to a completely new lifestyle in the beginning. The Spanish lifestyle is very relaxed compared to the American lifestyle. Even the timing of each meal is different. It was definitely a change, and it took time getting used to. With such drastic changes, I was put in uncomfortable and unknown positions which made me learn so much about myself. For example, being open to any food being served on my plate was something very different then what I have done these past couple of years. It gave me the opportunity to open my mind up to not only food, but in general with any opportunity. I ended up trying some of the best dishes I will ever have had. Also, understanding the importance of having an open mind in experiencing life allowed for me to meet new people and see new things all over Spain, and even Europe. I have learned new cultural practices from many of the Spanish people I have met, primarily my Spanish host family. Mainly, I think I have started to be more relaxed and enjoy life more on a day to day basis, just as they do here in Spain. Learning these new practices and habits has made me grow as a person which I wouldn’t have been able to do in such manner without being abroad. On top of that, I have made amazing connections in a beautiful country that I would love to return to study again in soon. I plan on studying here in the future considering the endless opportunities it has brought me in just three months.

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