Costa Rica by Angelina Watkins

In Costa Rica, one of their typical meals is called Casado. It is a simple dish of rice, black beans, plantains, salad, and optional protein such as chicken or beef. It is my favorite food I’ve tried because it has a little bit of every flavor and every food group. You can find it at restaurants and most households in CR, it never disappoints. We have been able to connect with the locals through farming and cooking. We have done work on the farm from feeding pigs, milking cows, and picking weeds, which gives us time to communicate and get to know each other. We have worked with the kitchen staff to make Empanadas, another CR local dish. A typical day in my new country would be getting up for class and having coffee in the library. Going for a walk or hike after class, followed by lunch with my peers. Then onto another activity of yoga or volleyball, followed by some quiet time of reading or writing. We try to catch the sunset every day from a hike or river walk location, followed by dinner and card games with the group.

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