My Experience in Trujillo by Jarred Kinloch

*Written Spring 2020*

My name is Jarred Cooper Kinloch and I am currently studying abroad in Trujillo, Spain. I am a Senior majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish. I choose this major/minor because I have a passion for international studies as well as wanting to further my proficiency in Spanish. The goals that I have set for myself include practicing with the locals, learning about their culture, and getting a world wide perspective from a different country.

My experience in Trujillo, Spain has been an exciting and well deserved adventure. Experiencing a new culture is probably that best thing anyone can do. The reason being is that, you get to see things in a different perspective from the way you interact with each other, food, traditions, and customs. When I first arrived in Trujillo, I had an immediate culture shock as my host mother gave me two kisses on the cheek which took me be surprise. Its custom to kiss on both cheeks as it’s a sign of endearment and respect. At first, I suffered from an internal blockage of Spanish as I found myself not being able to respond to my host family when spoken to. After a few days past, I found myself picking up the language again. Its been a month since I’ve been in Trujillo and I can say my Spanish has improved as I have now shown more speed in my delivery, better pronunciation, as well as learning new words too. Aside from practicing with my host family, I even became friends with some of the locals.

My favorite dish that I’ve had in Trujillo, is called “tortilla con verduras” which is made from eggs, onions, and zucchini. This is by far the best dish that I’ve had so far in Spain. Tortilla is their way of saying a fried egg, in which I was surprised especially when I explained how we cook our eggs in the USA. One of my classmates was able to befriend a professor who works in one of the schools in Trujillo. Every Wednesday for an hour, we help his students practice English, so that they can pass their B-2 test. During the hour, the students speak to us in English and we repeat what they sad aloud in Spanish.             Anyone who is thinking of studying abroad should do it as it will not only be a good thing for your resume, but a good way to open your mind even further it more than it already is. There are numerous doors that will open for you whether its from practicing the language with the locals, experiencing new foods, music, as well as their culture too. From a business side, you can see how the country operates which will give you a good insight on how certain countries conduct their work. This would be beneficial especially if you are planning on working internationally. Overall, my experience has been an incredible one that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

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